Dr. Buzby’s toegrips (Engl).


Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips can be an useful aid for some of our older patients that have become weaker in their limbs.  They can also be useful as a temporary aid for patients recovering from traumatic events affecting one or more limbs or their back or after orthopedic procedures.GripZone_pic

Toe Grips work in a unique manner to give the dog better grip on slick surfaces.  Traditionally we have used boots that are placed over a dog’s foot to provide better traction.  This was difficult for some dogs as they didn’t like the boots or there were problems keeping the boots on.  With Toe Grips small rubber rings are applied around the dog’s nails.  Therefore, the dog’s foot soles are still in contact with the floor or ground.  This is important as there is a lot of sensory information from the foot that is important for the dog’s ability to walk and move properly.

Dr. Buzby’s Toe Grips are available at our practice and our team of professionals are happy to provide your dog with this product.  It is important that the nails are trimmed to a proper length and that the grips are applied properly. If the nails are too long they will not function as designed  If the nails are too short they may be improperly positioned and cause irritation or damage to the skin around the nail.  To insure that the Toe Grips are properly suited for a dog we do require an initial visit with one of our staff.  The nails will be evaluated, trimmed as needed and the Toe Grips applied.  Our staff is happy to show you how this can be done at home with confidence.  After this initial visit you can re-order the Toe Grips as needed.  They should be removed and the nails evaluated on a monthly basis and reapplied as needed.

If you are located far from our practice and your veterinarian is interested in this product please have them contact our office.  We would be glad to arrange delivery to their practice.New-Diagram

If you are interested please give our office a call.